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Assistant Ministers
Authority to Officiate and General Licences
Locum Tenens

Clergy should hold a licence from the Archbishop whether they are working in a parish or assisting within the Diocese.

All Clergy from outside the Diocese of Sydney will need to be approved by the Archbishop prior to licensing. The necessary Solemn Promises and a confidential lifestyle questionnaire will need to be completed by the applicant at an interview usually arranged through their Regional Office. To view a copy of the questionnaire and the Faithfulness in Service please click the below links.

The confidential lifestyle questionnaire is available on the Safe Ministry website of the Professional Standards Unit. The questionnaire is located at the bottom of the Safe Ministry resources page in PDF format. The questionnaire requires that you read Faithfulness in Service.

Assistant Ministers:

All clergy who are working as part of a ministry team in a parish should be licensed as an Assistant Minister. This includes clergy who have officially retired and have received a General Licence or Authority to Officiate from the Archbishop.

Once the application has been completed by the incumbent and the applicant, the form along with the completed Working with Children Check are to be forwarded to the Diocesan Registry to commence the licensing process.
Refer to the Assistant Ministers Ordinance 1990.
Nomination form PDF format


Authority to Officiate and General Licences:

If you are not in parish ministry you need to hold an Authority to Officiate or a General Licence to be able to officiate as a minister within the diocese.

Please note that General Licence’s are only issued to those who have retired from active ministry. To apply for a General Licence, please complete the below form.

To apply for an Authority to Officiate, please complete the below form. Please note that clergy who support your request need to be in an active diocesan ministry appointment and hold a licence from the Archbishop.

Forms to be completed
General Licence PDF format
Authority to Officiate PDF format


Locum Tenens:

Whenever an incumbent is absent from the parish on some form of leave a Locum Tenens should be appointed. If the leave involves Long Service Leave approval will need to be sought from the Regional Bishop.

This application needs to be fully completed by the incumbent and applicant and returned to the Diocesan Registry before the incumbent goes on leave, as well as the Working with Children Check Nomination form PDF format


Registrar: Mr Doug Marr Deputy Registrar: Mrs Catherine Rich

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